Gardening Knife By Oakridge Garden Tools Customer Review

Duration: 00:04:16

20% Discount Use Promo Code: ORGTROC2 The Most Used Gardening Tool By Professional Gardeners and Metal Detecting experts on a Daily Basis! Highest Quality Full Tang Stainless Steel Hori Hori Knife On The Market Used by master gardeners for mostly all of their task. It Digs, Weeds, Cuts, Saws, Measures & Plants Provides the best option and provides the most value because of the versatility of the tool. The concave side is used for effective scooping and the Rosewood handle is sturdy and will not break. The tang goes half the way into the handle so the handle doesn’t break. Also, the blade fills in the sides of the handle for more durability. This is a Sturdy Knife that will stand up to years of use. When used as a digging tool, it’s the perfect tool for cutting plugs in lawn type areas making it easy to replace everything back neatly. You want a dig

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