Product Review | Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

Duration: 00:03:29

CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR HEAVY DUTY PRUNING SHEAR: Pruning Shears, Gardening Tools. Best As Heavy Duty Trimmers, Garden Shears, Hand Pruners & Cutters by Basilica Botanica • SOLID & DEPENDABLE Sick and tired of cheap plastic pruning shears which bend, break, fall apart, and are so dull they don’t even cut!? We know the frustration, which is why we built our premium, a heavy duty pruning scissors model, with a premium solid metal-on-metal construction and a sleek polished aluminum finish. Sharp blades and a sturdy all metal design, our pruners not only look great but are built to last or your money back. • SHARP POWERFUL BLADES The high carbon steel blades on our pruning shears are designed to prune a simple flower, be a weeder, trim a hedge, and cut through, up to one inch diameter, a wood tree branch with ease! Sharpened to be a workhorse straight

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