Starting a Vegetable Garden – Gardening Tips From Canadian Tire

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Growing vegetables are easier than you think, and having fresh produce throughout the summer is a real treat. To get started with your vegetable garden, find a spot that gets plenty of sun… at least 6 to 8 hours a day. When you find the right location in your yard just make sure you don’t start too big. A smaller garden requires less work. The secret is not to be too ambitious until you know how much you can realistically handle. Garden soil feeds your plants so make sure that your soil contains what vegetables love: plenty of organic material. Before planting make sure your garden area is well tilled free of dirt lumps and then smoothed. Smooth flat soil helps you get an accurate planting depth. When planning your garden for the first time, stick to easy-to-grow vegetables and leave the more exotic vegetables for another year when you’ve had more experience. Some of the easiest to

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